Sticky: Problems with warts?

Are you having problems with warts?

While in most cases there is no serious health risk to worry about, many people had tried different treatments without success. Warts come back and keep growing and spreading! There are mainly two types: common and virus-related. Virus related are highly contagious and can become a real nuisance. The question here is… Is there any treatment that works? And the answer is: Actually there are some that get the job done. Apart from expensive and painful treatments and procedures done by dermatologist, like wart freezing or burning, there are some  natural products that target the problem. After a lot of research I found that Wartrol is by far the best wart treatment available.

What is Wartrol?

Wartrol is a natural treatment, created by the Natural Products Association, in the form of topical application. Designed to remove skin warts, whether they are common or plantar, common, or caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease.

According to product’s website their solution deactivates warts, relieving discomfort and stopping the expansion to prevent their spread. The formula uses the same ingredients administered by dermatologists and gives you the same benefits you would get visiting the doctor’s office.

One thing to notice, is that, they’re not supposed to be used with genital warts. They can remove HPV related warts but not in the genital area, as warned on the website. On the other hand, if you got common warts, those who come and say bye suddenly, there are no restrictions on this product, just remember to read usage before applying, to ensure you get optimal results.

Wartrol Free Bottles

How does it work?

Maybe you are wondering how does it accomplish wart removal in a short period of time, I did a research and found the process behind (Keratolysis). Keratolysis is a process, which involves thinning the hardened skin layers produced by the wart and as a result you get it completely removed. It does not only remove warts but restores affected skin, giving a natural look, almost noticeable. Once layers are thinned, users must keep applying the product for a short period of time. This ensures the skin gets “closed”  and avoid the reappearance of the wart.


Product formula / Ingredients

The active ingredient is Salicylic Acid, chemical known to function as a wart removal. Other ingredients are ethyl alcohol, collodion, menthol, polysorbate-80, ascorbic acid and hydroxypropylcellulose. All ingredients are FDA approved, and are used in several different products.

How to use it?

  1. Wash and dry the affected area.
  2. Apply a small amount at a time with the brush applicator and air dry for 1 minute.
  3. Avoid covering the wart with clothing or band-aid for 18 or 19 minutes.
  4. Repeat this procedure once or twice daily until wart is removed.

How to maximize efficiency?

  • Follow instructions as detailed.
  • Do not scratch warts, because they could spread even further.
  • Do not engage in unprotected sexual intercourse. Inform your partner about your HPV infection.
  • Be very strict about hygiene.

Advantages / Benefits

Cost: Compared to other treatments, including wart burning with laser or wart freezing through cryotherapy, this treatment is really cheap, those treatments can cost you hundreds of dollars and empty your pocket in a few sessions. There are also alternative methods that can cost you cheaper but with doubtful effectiveness or even undesirable side effects.

Effective: Official website tells us their company has developed a product that works, although it is not an instant treatment, real user reviews show that product works as expected.

Painless: Alternative methods like cryotherapy are painful, event to the extent of using a local anesthetic, and requiring several sessions. Pain can last up to 3 days after application! Sometimes a blister may form, and if broken it could spread the virus even more!

Easy to get: You can purchase it online anytime, anywhere.

Confidential: Expect delivery in a not labeled package, no one will know what is inside. Except for the customer, of course.

Money back guarantee: If you decide this is not the right product for you, manufacturer will assist you to get a refund. The company is confident about effectiveness of their product.

Go ahead, and check for yourself what this product offers.

>> Click here to know more about Wartrol, at their official website.